The Idea of Unique Corporate Gifts

The Idea of Unique Corporate Gifts in South Africa

Things are ever changing in the Corporate Gift Industry in South Africa. It seems we have evolved into offering the same imported corporate gifts over and over again. Of course price has taken precedence during the recession and companies have budgets to keep and have to get the most for their buck. It all makes sense.

This, however, has caused the recipient of Corporate Gifts to receive the same imported corporate gift year in and year out. This makes it impossible to ditinguish your unique brand from any other. What is given is sometimes the same gift with different branding and somehow all our brands have all mushed together. Does this not defeat the whole purpose of giving out Corporate Gifts in the first place?

If you are a corporate and are crying out for something different, something unique, something that is going to help you to stand out – as well as a gift that is socially responsible and a gift that takes the environment into consideration – we have the solution for you. Some of our gifts use recycled components and always consider that imported gifts add to your carbon footprint, just through their transportation. Green corporate gifts that are imported are therefore not necessarily that green.

Our gifts are made in South Africa which leads to job creation and many are hand made. Your corporate gift could be made by someone who would otherwise be unemployed and they could be supporting an extended family, so it has a trickle effect. It leads to economic empowerment and skills training. These are the things we need to start thinking about, no matter how big the company or how tight the budget.

Maybe you will be paying more per gift – but like most things in life: you get what you pay for. I would rather receive one amazing gift that I could actually use than 10 useless gifts that will end up in a drawer somewhere or given away.

We have put together, and are constantly adding to, a range of South African made Corporate Gifts that give you’re the opportunity of giving something unique and Novel to your clients. Something extra special that will stand out among all the other gifts they receive, something more responsible than what has been given in the past and something that you can customise to your brand.

We have also streamlined the quoting and admin side of Corporate Gift ordering process because we also know how recession has affected your workload. Please click here for more information on quoting, timing, samples, delivery and ordering process.

We are very open to any ideas or comments that you have about our product range as well as what we are trying to achieve with this website. Feel free to contact us with any product ideas you have or if you manufacture a product in South Africa that we could use as a Corporate Gift.

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