Corporate Gift Branding

Corporate Gift Branding can include many different applications and options. We can do almost anything but here are a list of mainline corporate gift branding in South Africa:

  • Corporate Gift Branding by Hand
Our favourite corporate gift branding is by hand! Some of our items are hand made and if you were ever looking for a unique corporate gift or one that really stands out, a handmade and hand branded corporate gift is the way to go. This can be hand painted (ceramic gifts or pots); woven into the design (wire bowls or beaded into gifts/material) or hand stitched (material bags or clothing) into the design. There are so many options with this type of branding, please contact us for your custom hand branded corporate gift.
  • Corporate Gift Engraving
Corporate Gift Engraving can also be done by hand for smaller corporate gift runs or can be laser engraved for a smoother finish. You can engrave into all our metal corporate gifts, wooden corporate gifts and some glass corporate gifts.
  • Corporate Gift Sandblasting
An alternative to Corporate Gift Engraving is to sandlblast glass corporate gifts, it can look very impressive on recycled glass corporate gifts that looks more handmade and then finished off with a beautiful and perfect sandblasted logo! Sandblasting is labour intensive thereby creating jobs.

  • Corporate Gift Embroidery
Corporate Gift Embroidery can either be done by hand (hand stitched and also material blocks) or using an embroidery machine. It works very well for cotton bags, caps, corporate clothing, pockets, towels, scarves and T-shirts. Another variation on corporate gift embroidery is to brand a material patch and stitch that onto the corporate gift (like cotton bags), not only can it add extra colours to your gift but also makes your branding stand out (see below). As much as machine embroidery is done by a machine (i.e. the actual stitches), the process is labour intensive thereby creating jobs.
  • Corporate Gift Material Badges/ Patches
A great new way to differentiate your brand is to do material badges that can be sewn onto corporate gifts. These can either be machine embroided, hand embroided or screen printed.

  • Corporate Gift Screen Printing
Corporate Gift Printing is usually used for larger quantities of promotional corporate gifts to be printed very quickly, like: T-shirts, jackets, caps, golf shirts, aprons and other corporate clothing; as well as; shopping bags, sports bags, cooler bags, umbrellas and folders. We are capable of printing up to 12 colours on certain items but normally a simple one colour logo can be very striking! The screen printing process is done by hand (so there is job creation) although assited by a machine to turn the items and dry them.
  • Corporate Gift Printing (Digital & Litho)/ Wrapping Paper
We always try our best to use recycled paper or paper that is sustainable (from approved forests). Products that are paper printed include: Corporate Gift Wrapping Paper, Corporate Gift Tags, Corporate Cards, Corporate Gift Tissue Paper, Corporate Logos on Recycled Bags, Corporate Gift Paper Bags, Corporate Gift Boxes, Corporate Gift Diaries, Corporate Gift Notebooks etc. This printing process is very versatile.
  • Corporate Gift Domed Stickers
Corporate Gift Domed stickers are a great way to brand corporate gifts, especially when you don’t have loads of time and want a gift that looks impressive. The corporate logo is printed on vinyl and then a glossy resin is poured over it. This process is also labout intensive, thereby creating jobs.
  • Corporate Gift Branding Cut-out Logos
There are various ways to customise the shape of your corporate gift. This can include paperweights, keyrings, beading, almost anything!
  • Corporate Gift Embossing & Debossing
We also do embossing and debossing of your logo, this can be done with printing or to just have a more subtle branding style.
Other forms of corporate gift branding include:
  • Corporat Gift Pad Printing
  • Corporat Gift Heat Transfers
  • Corporat Gift Vinyl Decals
  • Corporat Gift Banners & Flag Printing
We can do almost anything for corporate gift branding and we feel that the more unique your corporate gift branding is, the more differentiated your brand!

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