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Welcome to our Unique Corporate Gifts South Africa Showcase. We are very proud to offer some “different” and unusual corporate gifts made in South Africa.

This, not only adds value for social; economic and the skills upliftment of South Africans, but also helps the environment by cutting down on transportation costs of importing Corporate Gifts. We call it Green Ethics!

Interestingly, a recent study by Ogilvy Earth South Africa stated that “over three-quarters of people (76%) would be prepared to pay a little more for a product or service that was ethical in its social, environmental and general business practices”. South Africans are becoming more aware of where their products are coming from.

If you are a Corporate and are crying out for different corporate gifts, unique corporate gifts, corporate gifts to make you stand out – as well as a corporate gifts that are socially responsible and a corporate gift that takes the environment into consideration – we have the solution for you: Novel Gifts - Corporate Gifts South Africa.

Some of our corporate gifts use recycled and upcycled components. Always consider that imported corporate gifts add to your carbon footprint, purely through their transportation. Green corporate gifts that are imported are therefore not necessarily that green.

We are currently developing a stock range of Corporate Gifts made in South Africa that give you the opportunity to give a corpoarte gift that is unique and Novel to your clients. Something extra special that will stand out among all the other corporate gifts they receive, something more responsible than what has been given in the past and a coporate gift that can be completely customised to your brand.

We are very open to any ideas or comments that you have about our Corporate Gift South Africa product range as well as what we are trying to achieve with this website. Feel free to contact us with any corporate gift product ideas you have or if you manufacture a product in South Africa that we could use as a Corporate Gift.

Until such time as the stock range is available for viewing, we can quote you on items specific for your function or event. Please contact us and we can quote you. Please be aware that lead times on unique and handmade Corporate Gifts take longer than traditional corporate gifts and often involve sampling. Please let us know as soon as possible to ensure your gifts will be ready in time.

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